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When I started creating, jewelry was my first adventure. My grandma June took me to fused glass classes at the same place she did stained glass. My aunt Kelli was always into beaded jewelry and that interested me too. While in college, I created jewelry in my tiny apartment with my own little kiln. I went by the name of BU2ful. I was too small to have my own booth and make craft shows worth while. Elaine and her crafting friends were so kind and let me join in their booth. Years later, Elaine and I were still going strong. We decided to try our hand at a bigger show and applied to the Farm Chicks. We didn’t know what to put down as our booth name so, we combined them. She went by farmhouse charm and that’s how we became BU2ful Farmhouse Charm.
Years later I still love the idea of creators selling together. Did you know, when you shop our sales, you are supporting between 20-30 small creators? I am so blessed Elaine took a chance on me all those years ago and has stuck by me with every crazy idea I throw her way! 


Now, over 10 years later, my husband and I built our shop and changed our business name to TEAL LANE. We rent it out for everything from small business workshops to full service weddings. I also offer wedding floral services and flower subscriptions with flowers grown right here on the farm. 

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